Sarong dress dreaming (which means planning)

For a long time now, I have been dreaming about making a fully corseted strapless sarong style dress.  I have made several corsets, for myself and others, and have made strapless dresses with an internal boned bodice, but not corseted.  So now it is time for me to stop dreaming and combine the two.

I’m going to do this from start to finish and blog about it along the way.   So, self drafted pattern, toile, corset pattern, dress pattern, fitting etc. I can’t think of a better way to record it (and possibly get input).

So I collected some inspirational pics and put them on pinterest, lets see if I can work out how to put them here: nope couldn’t work it out, so I will try this:

collecting ideas for a corseted sarong dress....

Vivien of Holloway

This, of course, is one of the beautiful things that I covet from Vivien of Holloway.  I love the sweep of the sarong and they gathering at the hip.  I also love the wide halter that covers those bits that tend to poke out when you wear a corset just between the underarm and the bust. I call them fijibiters.  I like to call this type of wide halter a ‘fijibiter prohibiter’.  Lets see if it catches on… NEXT!

Malibu Tiki Dress in Green and Lavender with Bolero

Deadly Dames (via pinupgirlclothing)

This is absolutely divine.  The fabric, the hair, the shoes the bolero, the tiki-ness.  I love the simple knot at the side and the detail at the bust.  For a while now I have been thinking about buying this and making or buying some super-duper corset so I can wear it.  I won’t rule that out, but this project will continue and I will show you why:

the fabric! photo 2(1) photo 3(1) photo 4

The Inspiration from Vanuatu!

I found this fabulous fabric when I was holidaying in Vanuatu with my favourites.  It’s 100% cotton, and does not have a fantastic drape – but it spoke to me and it said ‘sarong me!’, so I must oblige.

So using the fabric, the sarong styles above for inspiration and with my own figure in mind I will attempt to design and make a sarong style dress.

Let’s see how we go….



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