Happy Halloween!



Ok, so I have to admit that this pic was taken last Halloween.  This Halloween involved waiting for trick-or-treaters at home in my comfy pants (eating some of the treats as I waited, I might add).  I decided to stay in because I am going to the Kyneton races and thought two big parties within a 7 day period is more that this little Kat can handle.

Well, on to other things.  I have decided that I simply must get a camera.  Up until now I have been using my phone to take pics and they seem to come up substandard compared to some of the pics I see on other blogs.  So it’s time to step up! When I can afford it that is.  Until then I will have to put up with sub-standard, as per the example below.

I finished the cat lady challenge dress, right in the nick of time.  It is not my proudest work, but the main reason behind it was to just get involved.  Here ’tis:


Vrrooom & Meeoow!

Vrrooom & Meeoow!

Goodluck getting a better look at that picture…

Anyway here is a close up of the bodice.

bodice section of cat dress

bodice section of cat dress

The fabric is from Spoonflower, the lining is a soft cotton and bound around the neck and sleeve.  The pattern is one I developed myself from several others.  It was fun being involved and checking out what other’s have made.  It was especially great to get a comment or two.

Well off to get tea ready.  I have decided what to wear to the races, something I already had in the wardrobe.  But of course, like any dressmaker, I am speedily making a jacket to wear with it.  I JUST CAN’T HELP MYSELF.




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