wash dishes or sew…. is that the question?

No it’s not, because the answer will always be, sew…… or dream up dreamy sewing dreams.

I’ve been pondering the Spring Racing Carnival coming up in November.  Do I go classic?  Do I go rockabilly?  Do I even go?  Whether I go or not, it’s always fun to pour over suitable fabrics and patterns.  I’ve found a belly load of lovelies through the Tessuti website.  Behold:

 Aloha my lovely!

Aloha my lovely!

Also while avoiding doing the dishes I came across a great pattern making blog- Studio Faro, in Sydney Australia.  I am in Melbourne, but would consider the trip north to do a workshop with them.  For example, I’ve had my greedy little eyes on this vintage wrap top for a little while now… I was intrigued by the patterning.

Advance wrap top

As I whittled away the hours ignoring the dishes, I found Studio Faro and the hard work is all done for me! Ta Da!

Let it be said that I am a pattern making GEEK! I mean I will often take a new pattern to bed to read over like normal people would read books.  It doesn’t guarantee that I will be sewing the said pattern, just enjoying the tech-whiz-bango of it before lights out.  It is my passion, and I am currently fulfilling my dream to learn CAD pattern making.  More about that at a later date.


I have cut out the dress! I haven’t taken any photos, but I promise I will this weekend.

Rejoice cat-ladies!  here is the link to the Flickr Cat Lady Group.



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