diggin’ through the pattern stash

It’s been a while since I took stock of what patterns I have in my stash, particularly my vintage stash.  So I went panning for gold and found some oldies but goodies, in fact some of my favourites like this one:

fave scoop neck raglan dress

And this one, my favourite shirt dress of all time (which I’ve never made….):

fave shirt dress

Although these two are most delicious, this is my choice for the Cat Lady Challenge:

scoot cat

I found this one in an opp shop a few years ago, along with a couple of others that I nabbed.  They didn’t come in an envelope, I think they may be the mail order type of pattern.  I have a few of those – they are great to find as the outside is just a plain envelope so you don’t know what’s inside (most usually some kind of gem).  It’s like making a precious and exciting discovery – and then you can make it yours! Bwah ha ha!

Any who, I will adjust this one to give me more shape or I might even change my mind.  So very indecisive.


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